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Bare Naked Tree Series

These photographs reflect my interest in one of photography’s oldest traditions: landscape photography. I think of these photographs as still-lives with the information distilled into the raw elements of art; line, value, texture, and shape. Like an archeological dig I search for this visual essence and the discovery is, more often than not, dictated by simple chance and then carefully composed for image isolation and visual tension. I am not trying to re-invent nature nor are the photographs merely an attempt at documentation, but rather, an attempt to recapture early fleeting memories, impressions caught in the corner of the eye while, as a child, our parents zipped us along the two lane highways.

All fo the photographs are gelatin silver prints on fiber-based paper and double-toned in thiocarbamide toner and selenium for maximum permanence. The photographs are mounted on acid-free museum board and freamed in hardwood frames with UV-absorbing acrylic glazing.


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