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As a Dutch artist, it took me nearly 40 years to realize that making art was not only for the artistically-inbred, talented artists. Thirty years ago, schools in the Netherlands did not encourage students’ using their ability to be creative. Global circumstances gave me the opportunity to develop my unconscious need to create. After 12 years of drawing and painting lessons, I started taking jewelry classes in 2002. The medium ‘metal’ opened a new world for me. Creating three-dimensional objects with metal was really eye opening. Using enamels added color to my work.

Sometimes I dream about my designs. Always looking at everything that surrounds me, I get my ideas from nature as well as shapes of buildings or shadows on the ground. Most of my designs have a contemporary look, but I feel drawn by Art Deco and Art Nouveau as well. I feel like my creativity is my 6th sense that needs attention all the time.


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