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Sometimes the best is saved for last. After more than 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant, I returned to my first love--jewelry. I made jewelry as a child from buttons and other found objects. That love progressed through many art classes in college. For many years I have worked with beads and wire to master the ancient techniques behind these art forms. I finally left the business world in 2006 to dedicate myself fulltime to making jewelry and teaching the techniques to students. I moved to Austin, Texas--one of the great cities for those that enjoy the arts! Beads are one of the oldest known forms of human adornment. I am true to my human heritage and love beads! Bead weaving is a special art form used to combine many colors and sizes of beads to create lovely woven forms. Another ancient craft is the use of metal wire to create chains, spirals, mail, etc. Wire work and chain mail is the opposite side of the coin to beads--one being fragile and colorful while the other is hard and muted. My work is created with a contemporary twist on ancient motifs. The work is evocative and reflects my belief that life is fabulous and you should be too!


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