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My new work is going through a period of transition. While the earlier paintings are narrative in implication with representational forms and space with landscape references, the recent works are stripped of recognizable imagery. The paintings have moved away from an implied narrative to imagery with a deliberate ambiguity. They have become more object oriented rather than pictorial. The walls of abandoned architectural structures with their patina of time and their embedded history fascinate me. I want to make paintings that have a similar sense of a lost history with cryptic symbols and forms. The paintings are process oriented building surfaces with combinations of paint, gesso, modeling paste and expandable insulating foam to create the effect of bas-relief. The surfaces are flattened and wall-like except for the low relief of the textures. The surfaces reference the natural world with earthen textures, colors and biomorphic forms while the composition is formal in arrangement. The imagery often suggests symbolic content but the meaning is left to the viewer to decipher.


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