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"Nope...I studied engineering AND I'm from Alabama." This reply either draws a belly laugh or a stunned silence. It's not quite the answer you'd expect from the questions "Are you an artist?" and "Are you from New York?" And it’s definitely not the answer you’d expect from a girl with a fauxhawk...and 4" high stilettos. But that's me. I love fashion and I play soccer. I covet dresses by Caroline Herrera and I listen to Linkin Park. I'm basically a walking paradox—and I like it that way.

The name of my brand, EUTECTIC, and the concept behind the entire line is balance. The word "eutectic" refers to the point at which the individual elements of certain mixtures combine to form a unique substance. The concentration of each element is the key; too little or too much of any one disrupts the balance. EUTECTIC jewelry is handcrafted by me from genuine stone, natural materials, sterling silver and gold filled metals. The designs are both modern and elegant, but they have a slight industrial or urban feel as well. Since the shapes and color schemes are simple, my jewelry can be worn to the board room or to the art gallery; it complements, not competes with, your own personal style.

I design jewelry for women like myself: professional, spontaneous, edgy, feminine, practical, nurturing, and glamorous (yes…you can be all of those things at once). I focus on creating pieces that are versatile and practical as well as chic. We women balance many things in our lives -- careers, families, responsibilities, households, happiness. Helping you find a balance between personal style and affordable luxury is my job; the rest is up to you.


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